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Double Jeopardy: Is the Summer of Sequels Bad for Movies?

Double Jeopardy: Is the Summer of Sequels Bad for Movies?

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The man with the most consistent track record to conquer the 2018 box office doesn’t work for Marvel, and he doesn’t make Star Wars movies. He isn’t shepherding the DC universe, and he’s never animated for Pixar. He doesn’t scare with dinosaurs, and he’s not toting precious IP. He has, however, created three critically acclaimed TV shows, won three Emmys, and helmed three consecutive installments of one of the most dependable franchises in movies today. His name is Genndy Tartakovsky. Heard of him?

Tartakovsky is the mastermind behind < em>Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Hotel Transylvania 2, and the original recipe, 2012’s Hotel Transylvania. Every three years, Tartakovsky makes a Hotel Transylvania movie, and every three years it makes north of $300 million around the world. Tartakovsky is no hack: he’s the creator of the beloved animated series Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars. But he is a successful opportunist. The Hotel Transylvania series is a triumph of old-word studio movie success blended with new-school strategy. It’s the last remnant of Adam Sandler’s once unbreakable bond with Sony, his full-time home for decades before he decamped to make live-action movies for Netflix. But it’s also an expertly and cynically engineered animated kids’ series with only the minimum amount of creativity needed to elevate it beyond straight-toâ€"Cartoon Network fare.