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First Church in Kennebunkport looks to continue music series

First Church in Kennebunkport looks to continue music series

First Congreational Church in Kennebunkport continues its music series with ‘Drowned Valley’ performing Old Time Bluegrass and Gospel on Aug. 6. COURTESY PHOTO

KENNEBUNKPORT â€" First Congregational Church in Kennebunkport is getting a bit of a reputation for music. It might have started when its friends from South Congregational Church gifted the extraordinary 1854 E. & G. Hook Organ to its members. Or maybe it was when the church launched its major restoration of the organ in 2016 and began to engage the community in its efforts to fund this preservation undertaking.

In any event, its free concert series in the past year has brought extraordinary talent to Kennebunkport, help bring the community together through music-that-moves, and certainly alleviated some of the winte r blues.

Most recently Liesl Quigly’s soprano voice and Camille Curtis Saucier accompanying on piano appeared on a summer evening. While Liesl is a “native”, she has also completed a year of studies at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and her year spent there showed a stunning maturity of voice and interpretation.

First Church is continuing its series with “Drowned Valley” performing Old Time Bluegrass and Gospel on Aug. 6, and Roric Cunningham, Cellist from the National Youth Orchestra of the United States taking stage on Aug. 13.

The attention, however, is set to turn the tables on the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and neighboring communities with this particular “Call for Talent”.

On Aug. 20, First Church is hosting its first Community Talent Night. With it, the Music Director of First Church, Joyce Painter Rice, is inviting singers, instrumentalists, story tellers, readers and other performers to gather their talents, families and friends, and bring them to an evening that is sure to wonder, please, surprise, and satisfy.

As this is not your typical First Church event, we asked Rice for a bit more clarification.

“This is not about a Hollywood audition, but about sharing your voice, a passion, or a particular skill you have developed,” she said.

Rice is the principal organizer.

“I am hoping siblings might play duets on instruments they studied as children, or friends offer dramatic readings of famous works,” she said. “The more eclectic the program, the more dynamic the evening will be.”

Rice has no particular design in mind for the program, but is curating all of its final content. She hopes to have at least ten different participants and will work with each on final performances.

“I have no pre-conceived notion of what this evening might become,” Rice said, “but in my experience I am always stunned by the incredible talents many people simply dismis s. A special evening like this can be inspiring and delightful.”

If you are interested in participating on Aug. 20, please send an email to Rice at as soon as possible.

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