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Your Community: Local music celebrates 200

Your Community: Local music celebrates 200

This month Johnson County Library celebrates the 200th artist featured on Local Music (formerly Listen Local), the online resource dedicated to celebrating the diverse musical creativity in and around the Johnson County and Kansas City metro areas. Launched in January, 2015, Local Music gives our patrons a way to experience and learn about the different kinds of music being created in our communities through exclusive and illuminating interviews with the artists themselves, embedded links to their music, and their book, music and movie recommendations from the JCL catalog.

Through Local Music our patrons can discover Kansas City-area music regardless of whether or not the artists have produced a physical CD. Since fewer and fewer CDs are being produced in general, Local Music enables us to engage with the artists and community in new ways. By creating outreach and partnership opportunities, we’re further defining the intersections between our Library, our collection, our patrons and the local arts.

Local Music Live has brought live music to library spaces and events, recording sessions in the Makerspace and new partnerships with the InterUrban ArtHouse and the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center. Along with the blog and its live counterparts, we strive to represent the full spectrum of what KC music has to offer â€" hip-hop, rock, new classical, avant-garde, folk, experimental, psychedelic, bluegrass, punk and more â€" while tying everything back to our collection and our Strategic Plan.

Beyond the music performance, we conduct interviews with the artists to reveal their creative process, how they record their music and who inspires them. We learn about their favorite bo oks, music and movies. From this we help tell the stories about how creativity happens, illuminating the music and giving insight into the lives of the artists who live and work in our communities.

Johnson County Library is excited to feature such talented artists in various venues for patrons to get a sample of what KC has to offer. As we look ahead to 2019, we anticipate new ways to enhance the JCL Local Music experience for patrons. To view past performances, learn more about their music, interests, what they’re enjoying from our collection, visit the Local Music page, you can even submit a request to perform.

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