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Bollywood Tacos offers fusion of flavors, cuisines

Bollywood Tacos offers fusion of flavors, cuisines

Bollywood Tacos

Bollywood Tacos is located at 107 W. Hancock St.

The concept for an Indian and Mexican fusion restaurant had been swirling around in Deepak Kumar’s head for a while. He already had one successful downtown restaurant, Metropolis Cafe, so he knew how great food draws crowds. Yet, for his new establishment, Bollywood Tacos, he wanted his patrons to experience a more creative atmosphere.

“Indian and Mexican food are two local favorites and putting them t ogether would offer something unique for lovers of both,” said co-owner Deepak Kumar.

Bollywood’s co-owner, Sky Hinton, has many years of experience working alongside Kumar at Metropolis. He expressed his desire to own a restaurant, and when space became available downtown, the two knew it was time to act.

Early in the conceptual stage, the owners wanted to put a whimsical touch on both the menu and the artwork that would rest on the walls of the business. Hinton and Kumar contacted the Art Department of Georgia College (GC) to see if students would be interested in taking on a project.

“I thought it would be a great real-life experience for students to work on,” said Valerie Aranda, professor of art, drawing, and painting at GC. “It gave them a chance to work with a client and learn how to work as a team.”

The artwork is a union of Indian and Mexican cultures-both quirky and imaginative. A sombrero-sporting Mahatma Gandhi riding a motorcycle a nd holding a taco and a margarita welcomes hungry customers to the eatery. A pictorial of an Indian woman in native dress is nothing short of breathtaking â€" the exquisitely talented Aranda drew both images.

“We took the concept for the restaurant from the owners and created the artwork around it,” said Aranda. “The students mainly worked on the chalkboard art and coloring in the portraits.”

Menu items revolve around traditional Indian and Mexican staples with hints of southern comfort food thrown in. Starters include classic chips and salsa, a fried avocado basket, and a Mexican corn bite that consists of fried corn on a bed of lettuce with Baja sauce in a taco shell.

The selection of tacos is so varied that most anyone would be tempted to try more than one. Prices are extremely reasonable with the average taco running $3.50 but customers have a choice of any two for $6.50 or any three for $9.99. Any flour or corn tortilla can be substituted for Naan bre ad for just $1.

Inspired taco names include Beef Bar-Bacoa (braised beef, pickled red onions, fresco cheese, and cilantro), Southern-Seoul (pork carnitas, spicy Korean BBQ, pickled onions, cilantro, and crunchy coleslaw), and Peach Country (fried chicken breast, bacon, pimento cheese and peach salsa).

“I had the Peach Country Taco and the fried chicken was crispy and juicy,” said customer Ann Anderson. “The pimento cheese and peach salsa were rich and perfect complements â€" fantastic.”

Upping the ante on an even tastier adventure, the section of the menu listed as Bollykicks offers a ticket to India, Mexico and Greece. These gourmet tacos, tortas, and empanadas cost between $4.50 and $7.99.

“I had the Delhi Belly Taco under Bollykicks and it was incredible,” said patron Joseph Evans. “Pairing it with the Naan bread was a great choice and the slaw was very crunchy.”

Other Bollykicks include the Lamb Kafta Taco (minced lamb infu sed with spices, crunchy slaw and Baja sauce), and the Bombay Taco (marinated grilled chicken in Indian spices, topped with cilantro and mango sauce).

Additional menu items include a choice of quesadillas, burritos and salads. The restaurant has a fully stocked bar and plans to create signature house cocktails.

Open less than two weeks, Hinton said they are very pleased with the support of customers. “We’ve seen really good traffic in a short amount of time,” he said. “The word that we have great food is spreading.”

The future for Bollywood Tacos includes serving brunch on Saturday and Sundays. The menu for this favorite southern meal is still under development.

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