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K-pop band SHINee send fans into frenzy with new album and new video for Countless

K-pop band SHINee send fans into frenzy with new album and new video for Countless

K-Pop Band SHINee has released their song Countless with a new video and it has left their fans in their feelings.

The four-piece group released the video as part of their 10th debut anniversary final album The Story of Light â€" Epilogue on Monday.

The video sees the quartet sing their hearts out in artistic settings and of course, it didn’t take long for fans to flock to Twitter with some major love.

One user told their followers to stop ‘sleeping on legends’ as others commented on the aesthetically pleasing visuals.

A large group of fans also admitted that they just can’t get the song out of their heads.

The new album is a compilation of the three EPs the band released in 2018, The Story Of Light part one, two and three.

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The EPs were released to celebrate the band’s anniversary but were also the first after the death of member Jonghyun, who died by suicide in December 2017.

In his suicide note he left in the care of his friend, he said: ‘I am broken from the inside. Depression, which was eating me away, has devoured me in the end, and I could not beat it.’

The remaining four members posted handwritten letters to thank fans for supporting them in the last 10 years when they returned to the stage in May 2018.

‘Time has passed so quickly, it’s already our 10th anniversary. We met on May 25, 2008 and now it’s May 25, 2018. We’ve had a lot of memories, both happy and sad, over the last 10 years. I can’t think of anything else to say than truly, “Thank you so much.” So really, thank you so much ,’ Minho wrote.

In addition, Key remembered Jonghyun when he posted a photo of SHINee with SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man. The photo’s caption had the hashtags #10thanniversary #shinee #smt #wishyouwerehere.’

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