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Sally Field speaks out about sexual harassment in Hollywood, 'This has to change!'

Sally Field speaks out about sexual harassment in Hollywood, 'This has to change!'

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Tanya EdwardsYahoo Celebrity
Sally Field (Photo: Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images)

Two-time Oscar winner Sally Field spoke out about sexual harassment in Hollywood in an interview Sunday with the Australian TV show The Project, saying she’s not surprised by the “abuse of power” that runs rampant in the film industry.

The 72-year-old spoke out against sexual harassment in Hollywood (and everywhere else) when asked if she was “surprised'” about the level of abuse in Hollywood, the Steel Magnolias star said, “No, I’ve come across it.”

Field added, “It’s being seen in Hollywood right now, and thank God, but it’s in every industry. It’s in society! Some of it is downright criminal. It’s not only repulsive, it’s criminal.”

“This has to change, and the outrage is just the beginning of it,” she said.

The actress is about to release a new memoir, In Pieces, in which she says her stepfather, Jock Mahoney, sexually abused her when she was a child.

Field said the writing process was emotionally challenging.

“[The process was] hugely emotional, because reliving what my childhood was with my stepfather is hugely complicated and emotional,” Field said.

“Because he was so lovable at the same time that he was threatening,” she added.

Mahoney died in 1989. Field didn’t tell her mother about the abuse until after she starred in Lincoln in 2012.

The Oscar-winning actress also spoke about her complicated relationship with her biological father, who ignored her.

“When my mother married my stepfather, h e was big and bold and loud, and affectionate and dangerous, very troublesome,” she said.

“Whereas my real father, I was completely ignored,” she added.

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