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Highlights from Treasure Island Music Festival 2018

Highlights from Treasure Island Music Festival 2018

The crowd watches Santigold perform at the Treasure Island Music Festival on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, in Oakland. Photo: Paul Kuroda, Special to The Chronicle

Treasure Island Music Festival is making a comeback after a year off, this time at Oakland’s Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Boasting the same picturesque view of the San Francisco skyline and an eclectic lineup of two dozen acts, the festival marks its 11th year over two days. Keep up with all the fun from the weekend here:

Saturday, Oct. 13

A$AP Rocky singing at the Treasure Island Music Festiva l on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, in Oakland. Photo: Paul Kuroda, Special to The Chronicle

A$AP Rocky

The New York rapper showed up more than 30 minutes late to his headlining set on the Town stage, but made it up to fans with a spectacle of a show that lit the Oakland skyline. While performing bangers off his latest album, “Testing,” including “Praise the Lord (Da Shine)” complete with a saxophone player, jets of smoke and fire shot out into the air as he hopped around in front of a giant crash test dummy head.

But A$AP Rocky saved the biggest light show for his closer, setting off fireworks to close out the festival’s first night.

“This shâ€" has been electrifying. I love y’alls energy,” he told fans. “Thank you for this love. I really appreciate that.”

â€" Mariecar Mendoza

Pusha T. Performs at the Treasure Island Music Festival on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, in Oakland. Photo: Paul Kuroda, Special to The Chronicle

Pusha T

Pusha T has made headlines for lots of things this year, but the rapper and penultimate act on Saturday night proved that despite the drama, he’s one of most skilled hip-hop acts performing today.

After opening a cappella on the City stage and launching into “If You Know You Know,” Pusha T nodded to his most recent album.

“I want to welcome you to the ‘Daytona experience,’” he told the crowd. “When I talk about ‘Daytona’ I’m talking about the album of the motherfâ€"ing year.”

But Pusha T also veered from a predictable set; in addition to a couple tracks made with Kanye West (“Runaway” and “Mercy”), Pusha T threw it back to his days with Clipse, rapping on 2002’s “Grindin’.”

“We’ve been coming out here a long time,” he told the Oakland crowd. “It’s great to be here now representing my G.O.O.D. Music fam.”

â€" Alyssa Pereira


Amine proved he’s got star power as he commanded a rapt festival crowd during a beautiful sunset performance on the City stage on Saturday.

“You’re beautiful,” he would tell them.

In return, he asked them to reply, “I know.”

And it was game everyone seemed to love to play as they danced and bounced on his cue.

It was a testament to Amine’s stage presence. He engaged his fans â€" and won new ones â€" as he performed a mix of original material, like his 2016 hit single “Caroline,” and throwback hits from the ‘90s and aughts that made for several memorable sing-alongs during his roughly 40-minute set.

“We’re in the fâ€"n’ bay. This is where you nâ€"s get hyphy,” he exclaimed, paying respect to the Ba y Area’s hip-hop scene. “You’re beautiful!”

â€" Mariecar Mendoza


Santigold is as natural a fit for Treasure Island as any act could be. High energy and quirky, the electronic pop act and her two tennis apparel-clad dancers livened the crowd with uptempo cuts like “LES,” “Unstoppable” and “Disparate Youth” as the sun began to set.

Midway through her performance on the Town stage, she paused to invite the audience to participate.“Who wants to dance?” she yelled. “Come on! Get on up!” About 30 fans took her up on the invite and jumped onstage for 2008’s “Creator.”

As she rounded out the set, she nodded to her former home, telling the crowd she’d be playing “Brooklyn, We Go Hard,” a collaboration with rapper Jay Z.

“I don’t live in Brooklyn anymore,” she said, “but in any case, I still go hard.”

â€" Alyssa Pereira

Hiatus Kaiyote performing at the Treasure Island Music Festival on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, in Oakland.Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote, led by vocalist Naomi “Nai Palm” Saalfield, hit the Town stage Saturday afternoon to a growing crowd at the edge of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

Saalfield, with glitter on her eyebrows and a red wolf on her metallic briefs, sang, howled, whooped and rapped through the experimental soul group’s 50-minute set, and occasionally picked up a guitar, too.

The best moments of the set by far were those where Nai Palm flexed her voice on melody lines; her wild scatted phrases and winding jazz scales make it obvious why she made fans out of Prince, Drake and Mahershala Ali.

â€" Alyssa Pereira

Silk City

Silk City, a project of Diplo and Mark Ronson, was one of the festival’s most anticipated acts as it marked only the second time the duo has performed in the U.S. But the two major producers somehow delivered a lukewarm set Saturday night on the Town stage that didn’t get anywhere near the kind of energy they are known for with their other collaborations.

For instance, despite sampling a little “Uptown Funk,” Ronson’s track with Bruno Mars, lacked much of the energy and funk fans loved when the song first hit the radio.

Diplo also didn’t bring his twerking dancers and giant inflatable hamster ball, a signature element when performing his Major Lazer sets, to the festival. As a result, he had a more subdued presence onstage, where he only offered a handful of hype-man shout-outs to make sure the crowd was still with them.

That said, Diplo and Ronson certainly put in work on the turntables and attracted one of the largest crowds on Saturday.

â€" Mariecar Mendoza

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