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K-pop fans find an intruder on their sacred turf

K-pop fans find an intruder on their sacred turf

This newspaper was rather late on the scene when it came to pop music. The best that Tommy Steele (“that rumbustious minor”), Cliff Richard and their ilk could expect from The Times in the late 1950s was a passing mention in the cast lists of Royal Variety Shows. That was until our illustrious music critic William Mann decided to notice the Beatles in his album reviews. He compared their Aeolian cadences to Mahler and extolled their mixolydian scales and hurricane glissandi.

John Lennon said he didn’t have a clue what Mann was talking about and neither, I expect, did most of the Beatlemaniacs. At least they couldn’t take to social media to berate him for missing the point or to complain that middle-aged reviewers should…

Source: Google News K-Pop

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