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K-pop group singer injures arm at concert

K-pop group singer injures arm at concert

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Published6 hours ago

A member of popular K-pop girl group Red Velvet had to leave for the hospital an hour into their first solo concert here yesterday.

Joy, one of the five members, injured her right arm during the high-energy performance.

At about 7 pm, the quintet performing at The Star Theatre abruptly stopped and addressed the audience at the end of the song Bad Dracula. They said there was a problem with Joy's earpiece. The group chatted with the audience for about 15 minutes, with the aid of a translator. Joy then emerged from backstage with her right arm in an arm sling. In tears, she told the packed theatre in Korean: "I'm really sorry. I really wanted to perform today but I have to go to the hospital now."

Some in the audience could be heard crying as th e other four members - Irene, Yeri, Seulgi and Wendy - continued with the performance.

Student Valerie Kuang, 23, said: "There were many parts where Joy was to dance solo as part of the choreography, so it looked odd because there was no one there. But they didn't let it affect the energy level."

Irene thanked the fans for their support, saying: "It's because of all of you that we can finish this concert."

Red Velvet, which debuted in 2014, topped the Billboard World Albums Chart with their second album Perfect Velvet released last November.

Tickets for yesterday's performance cost between $168 and $288. The Sunday Times has contacted the organiser One Production for comment.

  • Additional reporting by Tee Zhuo
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