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K-Pop star's act of kindness goes viral

K-Pop star's act of kindness goes viral


K-POP group BTS member Jimin (pic) was singing during a concert when a fan fainted in front of him.

Jimin then dropped his microphone and rushed to help his fan, Sin Chew daily reported.

He went back on stage and conti­nued performing after ensuring the fan was alright.

The incident during the band’s concert tour in Europe and America was captured in a video that went viral, with over 380,000 views with many praising him.

> Diners in Old Town White Coffee in Suntec City, Singapore, were pleasantly s urprised to see the use of a facial recognition system that remembers diners’ personal preferences when ordering food, China Press reported.

It records diners’ preferences and customises food orders such as their favourite dishes, preference for less or more sugar, preferred level of spiciness and even if they want spring onions in their dish.

The franchise expects to introduce the system in four Old Town White Coffee outlets.

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