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MAC-TV's movie monster competition in its fourth year

MAC-TV's movie monster competition in its fourth year

MAC film contest

MAC TV Network staff and interns (from left) Operations and Administration Director Carey Hammel, Intern Ryan Smitz, Intern Zachary Leighton, & Video Producer/Monster Movie Director Eleanor Etienne. We are staging a scene from our staff film that we'll be filming later this week. Courtesy MAC

Legend tells of a film so dark and twisted that its maker has sought to destroy the last shreds of evidence that it ever existed. Search for it, and you can hear his laments echoing from the darkest recesses of our one soul.

Only the most intrepid are willing to risk their very sanity searching for proof of it. Stand still and see its shadow flicker in the corner of your eye. Turn and there is nothing. Listen closely and hear the low moans of the damned.

The film maker, Alex Adam of Pine River Township, was not fond of his hair. Or the myster ious wardrobe changes during what would be his sister Izzy’s award-winning performance. For that performance, the young filmmaker received a gift card to some local business whose name is now lost to haunted history.

We know these things as facts only because the contest in which Izzy’s performance won Best Actress, MAC-TV’s annual monster movie competition, keeps records. The contest, now in its fourth year, has hosted two of the young film maker’s other works, deepening the mystery of what happened to his first, appropriately called The Vanisher.

This spooktacular contest brings in entries from across the MAC-TV service area: Harrison, Clare, Mount Pleasant, Union Township, St. Louis, Arcada Township, Ithaca and -- eerily enough -- Pine River Township. In fact, the public access channel is now accepting entries for its 2018 contest, said Eleanor Etienne, a MAC-TV video producer who met with The Morning Sun in the brightly-lit MAC-TV studio on Thursday.

Th e Vanisher, like Adam’s two other submissions -- 2016’s The Alpha and Creatrix from last year -- adhered to the contest rules of being less than 10 minutes in length and involve some kind of monster.

Each year, the contest has grown and brings in about 10 entries of a variety of quality, said Carey Hammel, operations and administration manager. Some come from broadcasting students at the local university, Central Michigan University. Some come from budding young film makers from around mid-Michigan like Alex Adam.

The process is set up to accommodate a range of experience and access to equipment. Aspiring horror film makers can either take a short course on how to use the MAC-TV equipment or their own, and can submit their work via electronic form.

The openness of the process only deepens the mystery of what really happened to The Vanisher.

Alex’s next two films also won awards. While Izzy’s performance in the now-vanished The Vanisher won a best actr ess award, Creatrix and The Alpha both won awards for best effects. These are two in a range of categories from Best Script to the People’s Choice, which is selected by a vote of attendees to the contest’s film premiere.

Winners are announced at the premiere, which this year is slated for 7 p.m. Oct. 29 at Celebration Cinemas in Mt. Pleasant. Awards are a gift card for a local business. The films are then put into circulation on the MAC-TV channel for the next few weeks.

They are also archived on the MAC-TV website for later watching.

One of the joys of the contest now being in its fourth year, Etienne said, has been watching the growth in skill and story telling of some of the regular entrants. She specifically cited Alex Adam’s work, at first providing links to his second two films. Only later did she confide the existence of The Vanisher in an email.

As to that mysterious film, there exist only scraps of information that it exists. MAC-TV films the premier event for posterity. Etienne said that you can watch it at around the 29-minute mark of the 2015 premiere.

Alex Adam, who was not contacted for this report, revived it on his YouTube channel A Squared Productions. in response to an Instagram poll of whether people wanted to see him produce a video about his films on Rotten Tomatoes or of he and his sister Izzy watching The Vanisher. His fans, as mysterious as the film itself, chose the latter.

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