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Redbox wants to bring back 'family movie night'; here's how they plan to do it

Redbox wants to bring back 'family movie night'; here's how they plan to do it

Redbox wants to bring back ‘family movie night’; here’s how they plan to do it
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Barbara Schmiett, a public relations employee for McDonalds of Utah, tests the new Redbox DVD machine inside of a McDonalds at the corner of 56 West and 35 South in West Valley in June 2005. DVD rentals are $1 a day and the machine is updated every Tuesday with new movies. Tyler Sipe/Deseret Morning News (Submission date: 06/29/2005) Tyler Sipe, Deseret News archives (courtesy)

Blockbuster isn’t a thing anymore. A lot of people rent their movies from Redbox in 2018.

And Redbox wants to bring back family movie night.

We spoke to Ash ElDifrawi, Redbox's chief marketing and customer experience officer, about how the company hopes to bring back family movie night in a world full of streaming services and few places to rent physical movies.

This interview has been mildly edited for clarity.

How does Redbox plan to bring back family movie night?

Watching movies, especially with family and friends, is a very emotive experience. We think there's a lot of momentum to be gained in simply reminding people just how powerful a movie night can be. Through videos, stories and events, we plan to spark that "I remember when" feeling for movie lovers across America, drawing the connection between their favorite movie moments and the togetherness that surrounded the experience.

Additionally, we have some data that suggests movies are something Americans want in their lives. In a national Omnibus survey we conducted in August, 68 percent of Americans think having regular movie nights would bring them closer with their friend s and family, and 81 percent of Americans think watching a movie is therapeutic.

What is a “family movie” in the eyes of Redbox?

We know every perspective varies and love hearing from our customers about what a family movie means to them. We broadly see "family movies" as films that can be enjoyed across generations with themes and subject matters that spark a universal sense of awe, curiosity and fun.

It could be an inspirational title like "Wonder" that encourages a dialogue with older children about the importance of kindness, empathy and friendship, or "Paddington 2," that offers humor for all ages with similar messages about kindness, empathy and family.

What movies are top sellers at Redbox?

Comedy and action flicks are universal favorites for movie fans.

What can families do to have a better experience watching movies together?

Families can make movie nights special by treating it like an "event." By that, I mean something that's planned in advance and built up to with excitement and some good old-fashioned "party prep." It can be as simple as making sure you have that fresh-popped bucket of popcorn, or you can go all out with themed treats and decorations. Above all, it's a time to put down the phones and engage with what â€" and who â€" is in front of you. It's actually surprising how refreshing this can be.

Why should families embrace movie night?

The most precious thing we have is time, and when we can spend it together as a family, that’s always a good thing.

Do you have any comment on VidAngel, ClearPlay and movie filtering services?

We don’t have specific comments on those services, but there are movies for everyone. Reading plot summaries, being mindful of ratings and even reading reviews will help you make informed choices. Also services like Common Sense Media are fantastic resources to help parents decide what films might be right for their family.

Is family night an at-home event or something where they can go to theaters?

We want to rekindle a love of movies â€" no matter where you are. Yes, family movie nights at home are really important for that element of togetherness. But going to the theater will always be a magical experience, too. Best bet? Do both.

Herb Scribner, Deseret News

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