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Twice will be 1st K-pop girl group to hold dome tour

Twice will be 1st K-pop girl group to hold dome tour

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Top K-pop band Twice.
PublishedOct 19, 2018, 5:00 am SGT

SEOUL • Top K-pop band Twice are to become the first girl group to hold a dome tour.

They made an announcement on Wednesday that they would be holding a dome tour next year at the last performance of the Twice 1st Arena Tour 2018 BDZ.

According to the schedule released, Twice will perform at Tokyo Dome for two days and hold one show each at the Nagoya Dome and the Kyosera Dome in Osaka. Further details are to be released next month.

"We are very happy to meet Once through our first Arena Tour," said Twice on the stage, using the name for their fan group.

"Twice will continue to make our stages the best.&q uot;

Having debuted in Japan in July last year, the group cranked out a megahit with their J-pop album #Twice.

They built on the popularity of their Japanese full-length album BDZ - which reigned on the Oricon Monthly albums chart last month.

The group's debut showcase held in July last year at Tokyo Gymnasium drew over 15,000 fans, followed by a showcase tour in January and February and the latest Arena Tour.

The group are set to mark another milestone by becoming the first girl group to hold a dome tour in K-pop history.

Currently, Twice are not only getting ready for their official fan meeting marking their third anniversary scheduled for Oct 28, but also gearing up for another stage performance on Nov 5.

Twice made their debut in 2015, formed by JYP Entertainment from the Survivor-style reality television series Sixteen.

Their hits such as Cheer Up and TT - both in 2016 - swiftly dominated South Korean music charts.

They performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in June after their debut Singapore concert at The Star Theatre last year.


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