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Why Party Goats Are First on Hollywood's Invite List

Why Party Goats Are First on Hollywood's Invite List

Why Party Goats Are First on Hollywood's Invite List
Nigerian dwarf goats Spanky and Pippi of Party Goats L.A. have already partied with DJ Khaled, Steve Harvey, Drew Carey, NBA star Blake Griffin and the cast of 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.'
The Party Goats

The goat craze is far from over.

After goat yoga officially became a thing in 2017, partying with goats is the latest obsession to take over Los Angeles â€" and the most popular guests are Spanky and Pippin, a pair of Nigerian dwarf goats and the headlining act of Party Goats L.A., which was launched in 2017 by self-described “goat mom” Scout Raskin.

Party Goats L.A. will deliver the pair of goats to parties and events for $99 per hour for anything from mixing and mingling to yoga classes. The busiest time of the year is spring and summer, but due to increased media attention â€" “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost made light of the goat craze on the Oct. 6 episode of Saturday Night Live; Lil Wayne had goats at his 36th birthday party and album release at L.A.'s Hubble Studios â€" Raskin says the goats are currently booked out 4-6 weeks in advance.

Spanky and Pippin live with Raskin at her home in an equestrian neighborhood in Sun Valley’s La Tuna Canyon, and her gig managing goats isn’t Raskin’s only source of income. She has a day job as an animation producer at Echo Lake animation studio Six Point Harness where she and her colleagues are currently at work on 2D animation for the Fox series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

So why do humans love to party with goats so much? “It’s in our DNA,” she explains. “People and goats have had a symbiotic relationship for thousands of years. Everybod y â€" across all cultures â€" naturally gravitates toward them because over time we have provided them with safety and care and they’ve provided us with meat and milk.”

Raskin is quick to also point out a nostalgia factor, particularly for L.A. transplants. “Many of us have memories of going to a petting zoo or a farm as kids,” she says, pointing out that most of the parties they do are for adults from mid-20s through mid-40s. Raskin has been “goat mom” to the two neutered males since March 2017 when she acquired them at 2 months old.

“They love attention,” she said of Spanky and Pippin, whom she describes as “yin and yang” personalities. “Most goats spend their entire lives in a pasture or a pen and they don’t really get out much unless they roaming hills. Most don’t get to see the world.”

Spanky and Pippin get that chance â€" and the opportunity to party with celebrities like DJ Khaled, Steve Harvey, Drew Carey, NBA star Blake Griff in, singer Eric Bellinger and a recent outing with the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend â€" and they’re instantly excited.

“When I wrap their horns up they know they’re going somewhere and they hop right in the car. They love exploring and meeting new people. They are really brave,” she says of the goats, which are featured on an Instagram account. “Spanky is our old soul kinda guy. He’s as intelligent as your average dog, and you can always see the wheels turning in his brain. Pippin, on the other hand, is the lovable idiot. He’s your typical goat; he runs on instinct and gets excited for food or whatever he can put in his mouth. But he’s very snuggly.”

They are also a diversion from the negativity of the news. “They bring so much joy and laughter to people’s lives. They remind you to live in the moment and that’s why it’s been so successful. People need to let loose and have fun and play with these animals.”

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