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K-pop band is a Winner

K-pop band is a Winner

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K-pop boyband Winner members (from far left) Mino, Yoon, Jinu and Hoony performing at The Max Pavilion last Saturday.
K-pop boyband Winner members (from far left) Mino, Yoon, Jinu and Hoony performing at The Max Pavilion last Saturday.
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The Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo/

Last Saturday

Despite having only a passing familiarity with Winner's songs, I enjoyed the South Korea boyband's concert last Saturday.

The four members of the group - Yoon, Mino, Hoony and Jinu - gave a confident performance to the 4,200-strong crowd, while giving glimpses of their personalities.

They ran around the stage, sat down to interact with the audience and, at one point, tried to squeeze a rubber chick en in tune to their song, making the concert fun to watch.

The set-list also gave each one a chance to show off his vocal talent.

Yoon pulled off climactic high notes and landed beautifully on softer parts of songs, maintaining a powerful voice throughout.

He also played the guitar in his solo performance and later sang an a cappella version of Troye Sivan's Youth.

Pink-haired Hoony flaunted his dancing chops to Ringa Linga (a tune by Taeyang of Big Bang) and Mino, wearing a dark red blazer, rapped his way through a sensual and sexy performance of Body and Turn Off The Light.

Jinu applied his sweet, airy vocals to his senior G-Dragon's ballad Untitled, 2014, a haunting and heartbreaking track for his solo.

The concert was well-produced. A high-quality Korean drama-like video segment showed the boys playing different characters, which fans loved.

The stage was separated into two levels, allowing the members to have differen t points of entry and several layers of lights were used for dramatic effects. One highlight was a downpour effect playing in sync with a song about rain.

The group were in crisp white and blue as they performed their more relaxed hip-hop tracks. They changed to brighter colours and busier patterns as the concert kicked into high gear with dance numbers later.

They also wore sequined skinny pants with aplomb.

However, a translucent turtleneck that Jinu wore at one point looked ridiculous.

But that was just a minor sticking point in an otherwise enjoyable evening.

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