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New Jersey residents baffled by mystery music over Delaware River

New Jersey residents baffled by mystery music over Delaware River

Mysterious music has been across booming across the Delaware River since the summer â€" befuddling authorities and tormenting New Jersey residents.

The bass-heavy beats have been heard by residents in the Delaware River towns of Carneys Point, Penns Grove, Pennsville, which are all located in New Jersey, reported.

“It was like a sickening pulsing heartbeat. We turned up our television, but could not overpower the throb,” Monica Morris Lind, who lives off the Delaware River, told the news outlet.

Lind said that she heard the strange sounds floating across the water as recent as Sunday night.

“The thumping came straight through our front porch to the back of our home in the kitchen,” she said. “It went on until the wee hours of the morning until around 3 a.m.”

Frustrated residents told the news outlet that the music has been heard several times since the summer, but some added it has gotten much worse in recent weeks as the music can be heard through the night.

Penns Grove Chief of Police John Stranahan Sr. said that Delaware authorities have not yet “been able to locate” the source of the beats, according to

“We’ve had officers, including myself, go to Delaware to attempt to locate the music and we’ve narrowed it down to a very small area,” Stranahan Sr. said.

The chief added: “Everyone assumes it’s local because it’s so loud.

The music can be heard loudly in a video recorded by a Pennsville resident at the Delaware Memorial Bridge Sunday night.

Some residents say the music is s`o powerful they can feel vibrations from it.

“Some nights it’s been very loud. Sometimes it’s just bass off in the distance. However, still annoying,” a person posted in a Facebook group described the noise, according to

Meanwhile, residents have lodge d more than 20 complaints in October with Pennsville police, according to the news site.

Carneys Point Police Chief Gerald Krivda said that his department also received numerous complaints, which were handed off to authorities in Delaware.

A Delaware State Police spokesman told the news outlet that it has received three noise complaints relating to the music on Oct. 14, 23 and 28.

Master Corporal Michael Austin of the Delaware State Police said that authorities were told a possible source of the music could be a barge in the river connected to dredging operations and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, reported.

Source: Google News Music

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