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Scenes in latest 'Halloween' movie shot in the Lowcountry

Scenes in latest 'Halloween' movie shot in the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The new ‘Halloween’ movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis features some memorable scenes that were shot right here in the Charleston area.

This latest film in the blockbuster series has ties to neighborhoods like Old Windermere.

In one of the most prominent scenes in the trailer Laurie Strode tries to shoot Michael Myers through a window The house in the scene sits on Fenwick Drive.

The rest of the neighborhood had several exterior shots in the film.

Streets on Hampton Park Terrace also made the cut. President Street was featured for a trick-or-treating scene in the movie among other scenes.

Brian Ralph lives on Huger Street and he said his backyard was used for one of the scenes where someone is killed.

He said they were put up in a hotel while the production crew set up in their backyard.

According to Ralph, it took about a day to set everything up and then they filmed for an entire night.

“It was neat to see the scene that they filmed back here and actually see it on the big screen," Ralph said."It was night and day difference, when they add the music and special effects and all that other stuff. It was pretty cool.”

A BP gas station off Yeamans Hall Road in Hanahan was also used for three bloody scenes in the film.

If you look real closely, you’ll be able to see the ice machine at the gas station in the trailer.

Other places making their debut include a courtyard at the Military Magnet Academy and a stadium at North Charleston High School.

The Hanahan High School football team also had a chance to be in the movie, running plays in the background of a scene.

Source: Google News Movie

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