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Welcome to THE BUREAU - A Story Told in Comics and Electronic Music. PART ONE: "Clocking In and Sitting Down"

Welcome to THE BUREAU - A Story Told in Comics and Electronic Music. PART ONE: "Clocking In and Sitting Down"

Welcome to THE BUREAU - A Story Told in Comics and Electronic Music. PART ONE: "Clocking In and Sitting Down"

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Welcome to your new job. Please do not be late on your first day.

THE BUREAU is a story, told to you in real time, through comics and modular/electronic music. Each comics panel has a corresponding m usic track, timed to match the indicated time clock in each panel.

INSTRUCTIONS: The Bureau can played at any time, day or night, but for maximum entertainment, press play at 8:55am on the playlist below. Be sure to clock in a 8:59, The music will follow along, including your trip down the hallway at 9:09, your encounter with the supply cabinet at 9:19am, and an entire half hour morning meeting, complete with paperwork and PowerPoint, beginning at 9:30.

This first installment covers 8:55am through 10:03am.

Next week, "10:03am, THE ANNOUNCEMENT".
More information at:

Thank you for your compliance.
Here's the soundtrack for this week's installment:

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